Thursday, February 9, 2012

You Have Such Pretty Feet!

Autumn Bodell just experience her very first foot worship session, and she’s thirsting for more! Lucky for her, Storm is practically IN LOVE WITH HER SEXY FEET! Her sensitive high-arched size 8s are absolutely to die for, and Storm can’t wait to get her mouth around Autumn’s toes again!!
Autumn is topless for the occasion, making the scene doubly sexy. Storm checks out Autumn pert breasts as she shoves as much of her foot into her mouth she can manage! She nibbles and sucks passionately on her toes, getting heavy on the teeth when she discovers Autumn likes getting her toes and tender arches bit!! Storm soon has this hottie moaning and gasping with pleasure as she licks and sucks at her foot’s erogenous zones! But all this pleasure comes at a price – Storm knows just how RIDICULOUSLY TICKLISH Autumn’s feet are, and she can’t help but use her nails to tickle those sensitive soles! Soon gasing moans give way to gasping laughter with Autumn begging her to stop! But Storm doesn’t like being told no and she proceeds to tease Autumn by mixing tickling in with the foot worship, driving her NUTS!! Eventually, she flips Autumn over and gives her tantalizing soles an extended tickling!!

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