Friday, February 3, 2012

Melanie's Topless Double Foot Worship!

Melanie LOVED her first foot worship experience. So much so, that she begged her friend Storm for another session, but this time with two women worshipping her feet instead of one! Storm knows just who to recruit, so she agrees to help her friend, BUT ONLY IF SHE TAKES HER TOP OFF!! Melanie quickly loses the bra, giving her friend a perfect view of her dishy tits! In return, Storm convinces Kelli to help worship her friend’s feet, and being Kelli LOVES a pair of sensitive, sexy soles, she doesn’t need much convincing!
The girls get Melanie onto the bed and start worshipping her feet. Melanie is in heaven from the start, gasping and cooing softly as the girls DEVOUR her feet, covering her soft soles in their saliva. They suck HARD on her toes and eagerly lick her arches, sending Melanie to higher heights of pleasure! The more they worship Melanie’s feet, the more sensitive they get, and pretty soon Kelli is wondering if Melanie’s feet are ticklish. She lightly scratches her arches with her nails, with Storm joining in! Melanie tries to hold it in, but her curling toes and wrinkling soles betray her, and she’s soon laughing and begging the girls to stop tickling her! Melanie’s lucky the girls like hearing her moan, because they resume worshipping her feet… but they keep teasing her feet with their nails, and eventually the inevitable happens – THEY GET MELANIE FLIPPED OVER AND PIN HER ANKLES TO THE BED FOR A BIT OF TICKLE T0RTURE! THE GIRLS USE THEIR SHARP NAILS AND DUAL HAIRBRUSHES! The brushes are particularly effective at driving Melanie nuts, and the girls tickle her with them until she’s begging for it to stop!

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