Saturday, February 4, 2012

Autumn's Ticklish Double Foot Worship!

Autumn is a year-round surfer. It doesn’t matter how cold it gets, she always out their riding the waves… but the frozen sand was really hard on her sensitive size 8 feet and they’re KLLING her! Lucky for her she’s got two friends in Kelli and Storm! The girls are willing to massage her feet and make them feel all better… just one catch: they want to massage her feet with their TONGUES!! Autumn’s never had her feet worshipped before, but she’s adventurous type, so she offers up sore soles to her friends!!
For the first few seconds, Autumn looks a bit bashful about how it feels to have two beautiful women worshipping her feet. But after a few more seconds of allowing the new sensations to process, Autumn is moaning, gasping, and biting her lip! Kelli and Storm have wanted to worship their friend’s feet for a LONG TIME, and now that they’ve finally got the chance, they’re both EXTREMELY WET!! They get so horny that, while worshipping Autumn’s luscious soles, the two hotties START MAKING OUT!! They French kiss again and again as Autumn coos in the background! Soon, Autumn starts getting a bit of an ego on her (and with two sexy women worshipping her feet, who could blame her??). She starts telling the girls how to worship her feet! Kelli and Storm don’t like being told what to do, especially from a foot worship newbie who doesn’t know what she’s doing, so they decide to have some fun with their friend! They start teasing her ticklish feet with their sharp nails, introducing Autumn to the fact that her feet are MUCH MORE SENSITIVE AFTER THEY’VE BEEN WORSHIPPED! It only takes few strokes of their nails to get Autumn going, and pretty soon they have her flipped over, ankles pinned to the bed! The girls wreak havoc on her helpless soles, laughing at Autumn’s hysterical shrieks and desperate protests until they feel she’s learned her lesson!!

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