Friday, February 17, 2012

Molly's Tiny Ticklish Feet Worshipped!

Molly LOVES to shop, and after a long day at the mall, her tiny size 3 feet are KILLING her! Good thing her friend Storm is there to provide some much need relief to her tender arches! She compliments her friend’s small, soft feet and gets right down to business!
Storm sucks on Molly’s slender toes, but right from the start, she’s giggling helplessly! In fact, the harder Storm sucks on her toes, the more frantic Molly gets! She giggles, twitches, bites her lip, even grips the bedframe as her feet are tickled! Her tiny feet are just TOO SENSITIVE for foot worship! But that doesn’t stop Storm from continuing! She’s intent on worshipping the ticklishness out of Molly’s feet so she pours it on, licking up and down her friend’s slightly sweaty soles, enjoying their taste and ignoring Molly’s laughter and occasional squeals of protest!  STORM LOVES PLAYING HER FRIEND LIKE A PIANO, DRIVING HER MORE AND MORE CRAZY THAT LONGER SHE WORSHIPS HER FEET! In the end, Storm decides if she can’t worship Molly’s feet, she might as well have some fun with them! She tricks Molly into flipping over, straddles her ankles, and gives her trapped feet a good tickling!

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