Saturday, February 11, 2012

Topless & Foot-Curious

Kelli’s got another newcomer on her bed, and this one is topless! Jean’s the sort of open, comfy girl us foot fetish guys dream about – milky white skin, ample breasts, a sexy sensitive pair of size 9 soles, and she’s Foot-Curious!! She’s always wanted to try foot worship, and she’s been too embarrassed to ask her boyfriend, but she feels much more comfortable around a woman… especially since Kelli LOVES FEET!
There’s very little small talk here – Jean is obviously horny and can’t wait to have her fantasies realized! Those sexy size 9s are in Kelli’s mouth in no time, and this newcomer is gasping and moaning almost as fast!! JEAN IS TAKEN BY SURPRISE BY HOW GOOD IT FEELS, but she goes along with it, enjoying the ride! Her long toes twitch and wiggle, their red paint wiggling like rubies, as Kelli devours her sensitive arches! SHE TURNS HER ATTENTIONS TO JEAN’S TOES, SUCKING ON THEM LONG AND HARD, CAUSING THE GIRL GET EVEN HOTTER! Kelli is wet and excited as well – and with Jean writhing under her skilled mouth, who could blame her!?
This foot worship session ran a little long – neither girl wanted to stop and I wasn’t about to end it either!

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