Friday, February 10, 2012

Fetish Model Foot Worship

Famous fetish model Nyxon has come to visit Pleasures of the Sole! A lover of female feet, Storm just HAD to have Nyxon’s infamous toes in her mouth!! Storm’s really into Nyxon, and it seems the feeling is mutual, because both girls wanted to do the foot worship session TOPLESS!
The girls’ nipples are hard even before the session starts! Storm starts worshipping Nyxon’s delectable, extra wrinkled size 8 soles, and after a brief warm-up period, you can tell Nyxon is enjoying herself… or at least trying to! Her feet are SUPER SENSITIVE and Storm’s soft tongue sliding around her toes and arches cause her to giggle more than moan, but she’s definitely enjoys herself! Storm, on the other hand (or foot), is having the time of her life! She knows Nyxon’s feet are ticklish, and she can’t help but give them a tickle with her nails! She even tickles Nyxon’s feet WITH HER TEETH, getting this fetish model to squeal and laugh desperately!! Soon enough, Storm just HAS to find out how much tickling Nyxon can take, so she tricks her into flipping onto her tummy, pinning her ankles to the bed! Storm treats her soft soles to a BRUTAL TICKLING!!! POOR NYXON BEGS AND PLEADS, BUT STORM’S NOT LETTING GO OF THESE FAMOUS SOLES ANYTIME SOON!!

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