Saturday, March 31, 2012

Look How Sexy Your Feet Are

Autumn is relaxing on Kelli’s bed after a long day of shooting. She’s kicked off her heels and pulled off her sweater, so she’s clad in her bra and skin-tight jeans. Her bare feet look absolutely IRRESISTABLE in those jeans and Kelli spies Autumn stretching her feet on the bed. She can’t help but kneel down by her size 8 soles and compliment her on her sexy feet. Soon Kelli’s kissing those sexy feet, and before you know it, she’s sucking on Autumn’s toes, who doesn’t seem to mind in the slightest!
Kelli buries her face in Autumn’s soft soles, diving into the wrinkles and licking every inch of her long, slender arches. Autumn can’t help but bite her lip and gasp as Kelli goes down on her feet, giggling when her tongue occasionally tickles her sensitive feet. Of course, Kelli know how ticklish Autumn feet are. After a long, sensual worship session, her sadistic side comes out and she starts teasing her feet with her nails. Autumn can’t hold back and winds up begging Kelli to stop. Kelli tries to get her to flip over but Autumn remembers that trick from the last time. Kelli promises her that she won’t tickle her again, she just wants to get at her toes easier, so Autumn agrees… but when there’s a pair of sexy soles in front of her, Kelli CANNOT be trusted! She start off worshipping her feet like she promised, but she soon gives into temptation and straddles Autumn’s ankles, GLEEFULLY SPIDERING HER NAILS ALL OVER THE SENSITIVE SOLES BETWEEN HER THIGHS! Autumn screams and laughs hysterically, calling Kelli a liar and a bitch, but she just laughs and tickles Autumn even harder, driving the ticklish girl WILD!!

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