Thursday, March 1, 2012

Briella Jaden's Hot for Foot Worship

Fetish model Briella Jaden has finally made the trip to Pleasures of the Sole. Kelli’s wanted Briella’s sensitive feet in her mouth for MONTHS and Briella’s excited to see if Kelli’s rumored reputation as a skilled foot worshipper is true! This fetish model has had many girls (and boys!) worship her feet, but none can turn her on as much as Kelli! She’s got Briella squirming with pleasure from beginning to end!
Kelli sensually worships Briella’s wrinkled feet, making sure to savor her scent and taste. She compliments Briella on how good her feet taste, who can only giggle in response – she’s lost in her own world, moaning in time with Kelli’s tongue. Turns out the rumors about Kelli were true and Briella is enjoying every second of her session! In fact, the more Kelli worships Briella’s feet, the hotter she gets! Of course, Kelli can’t let Briella go without giving her feet a few brief tickles, and Briella’s feet prove to be just as ticklish as they are sensitive!!

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