Thursday, April 5, 2012

Goth Girl Betty's First Time

Betty is a curious goth girl. She loves it when her sensitive size 9 feet are massaged, but she’s never had them worshipped, and she wants to see how it feels. Marissa is more than happy to introduce this new girl into the world of foot worship, and man, does she enjoy it!
Betty knew she was going to get turned on but not this much! She’s biting her lip and gasping the second Marissa lips wrap around her toes. Pretty soon, she’s moaning out loud while Marissa licks up and down her sensitive arches. THERE’S NO DENYING THAT ANOTHER WOMAN WORSHIPPING HER FEET IS A HUGE TURN-ON FOR BETTY! Nothing is left unexplored by Marissa experienced tongue. She seeks out her most sensitive areas and concentrates on them, obviously becoming excited herself as she listens to Betty’s sexy reactions.  Marissa gets more and more aggressive as the session goes on, and pretty soon she nibbles on the ball of Betty’s foot a bit too hard, and she starts to giggle and laugh. Her feet are ticklish, and well, they don’t call her Bitchy Marissa for nothing! As soon as she discovers Betty’s feet are ticklish, she can’t help but run her sharp down her soles, smirking as this usually stoic goth girl bursts out in laughter, begging for her to stop! But Marissa simply alternates between worshipping and teasing. Eventually, she flips Betty over and pins her upturned soles to the bed to see just how ticklish this goth girl really is. She tickles her feet until Betty’s begging her to stop!

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