Friday, March 9, 2012

Worshipping the MILF's Sore Feet

MILF Debbie's sensitive size 8 feet have been in heels ALL DAY and they’re REALLY sore. Luckily for her, she’s friends with Kelli, who LOVES worshipping older women's feet!
After hearing Debbie complain about her sore feet, Kelli know what to do, and she’s soon licking and sucking this older woman’s sensitive soles and toes! She gently nibbles and sucks at the Milf’s arches, delighting in her moans of pleasure mixed with a few ticklish giggles. She places Debbie is several positions on the bed, making sure to worship every square inch of her sexy feet. You can tell their chemistry plays a big part here – Debbie loves watching a younger woman worship her feet while Kelli loves making an older woman melt through foot worship! Neither woman wants to stop, but eventually, Kelli’s tongue starts to tickle more than feel good. Unfortunately for Debbie, Kelli picks up on this pretty quickly and she soon has this Milf’s feet pinned to the bed for some intense foot tickling!!

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