Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sara's Sexy Soles

Sara is a sexy blond who has a Tomboy streak in her. After getting her size 7 soles tickle t0rtured on our sister site, Tickle Intensive, she jumped at the opportunity to have her sore feet worshipped. Sara’s never had a woman worship her feet before but she’s always wanted to experience it.
Kelli is tasked with pleasing Sara’s sexy soles and she dives right in. She nibbles and sucks at her tender arches, drawing gasps and moans of pleasure from the sexy blond. Sara gets into the session very quickly and she encourages Kelli to worship her feet, even telling her to “suck those toes!” Kelli can’t help but oblige, licking between Sara’s slender toes, teasing her sensitive skin. Of course, Kelli also briefly tickles her sensitive soles with her sharp nails, forcing Sara to squeal with laughter! She eventually tricks the newcomer to flip over onto her stomach. Kelli’s evil side takes over and she straddles Sara’s ankles, tickling her trapped soles until she’s begging for mercy!

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