Friday, December 2, 2011

Sensitive Stephie's Double Ticklish Tease!

Stephie is exhausted from a LONG day of shooting. Her feet were in heels for hours and they are VERY sore. She’s relaxing on the bed with Storm and Kelli and the girls offer to worship Stephie’s feet AT THE SAME TIME to make her feel better! Stephie is more than happy to let these two cuties have their way with her feet… but she gets a bit more than she bargained for!!

Stephie’s feet are EXTREMELY SENSITIVE… hence her nickname, Sensitive Stephie. As Storm and Kelli lick and suck every inch of her silky soft soles and toes, bolts of pleasure shoot up Stephie’s legs, who’s moaning and cooing in no time flat!! The combination of her sore sensitized feet and two skilled tongues are making Stephie HOT AND WET! But the girls know just how ticklish Stephie’s cute feet are, so they give them a few quick playful tickles! Stephie doesn’t like that and COPS AN ATTITUDE, TELLING the girls to worship her feet! Well, Storm and Kelli don’t like being told what to do, especially when they’re doing Stephie a favor! So the girls decide to TICKLE HER EVEN MORE, teasing Stephie with periods of erotic foot worship, only to tickle her feet until Stephie is squealing and begging for mercy! This goes on for quite some time, with Stephie’s soles getting more and more sensitive and her pussy getting wetter and wetter!! For the finale, Stephie is flipped over on her tummy so the girls can have some ticklish fun with Stephie’s hot feet!

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