Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dori Loves Worshipping Kelli's Sensitive Soles!

If you’re a fan of Kelli, this is one of her hottest clips!!
Dori recently experienced her first foot worship session, and she IMMENSELY enjoyed being on the receiving end. Now she wants to return the favor and feel what’s it’s like on the GIVING end of a foot worship session! Of course, Kelli is all-too-happy to offer up her sexy, sensitive soles for Dori to practice on!!
For a girl who’s never TOUCHED another woman’s foot, let alone worshipped it, Dori’s a NATURAL! She doesn’t hesitate to cram as many of Kelli’s toes as she can into her mouth, and as Kelli gasps and moans with pleasure, DORI GETS EXCITED TOO!! She’s getting off on making Kelli twitch and moan as she sucks on her slender toes and licks her soft soles! The longer Dori worships her feet, the hotter she gets, and pretty soon she’s so worked up that her EYES ROLL UP AND SHE MOANS PHRASES IN ITALIAN!! There’s no denying it – foot worship makes these two hotties wet and excited!!

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