Thursday, December 15, 2011

Calendar Girl Kayla's Topless Foot Worship!

Kelli just can’t get enough of Kayla’s sexy feet, and with good reason! Kayla is a HOT model who’s been featured in several high profile (can’t name them, sorry guys!) lingerie calendars, even several NUDE calendars!
Kayla loves Kelli worshipping her feet as well, and she’s shown her appreciation by going TOPLESS this time around! No preamble this time, Kelli just goes straight for her sexy soles, sucking each and every one of Kayla’s toes. She licks and sucks on the soles, balls, and heels of this beauty’s feet. Kayla giggles, gasps, and occasionally moans as she enjoys Kelli’s tongue on her sensitive feet!! It’s obvious foot worship is a turn on for Kayla and the more Kelly worships her feet, the MORE TURNED ON SHE GETS!
Kelli could worship this hot calendar girl’s soft, slender feet all night!

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