Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bitchy Marissa Stocked & Worshipped!

Marissa finds herself locked in the stocks in nothing but her bra and panties. Her sensitive feet have been tightly toetied, rendering them immobile. When this Cuban hottie sees Kelli saunter into the room, she thinks she’s her sexy, ticklish toes are going to get tickled… but her tormentor has something else in mind!!
Kelli teases Marissa, lightly scratching at Marissa’s ticklish arches, driving her into a bout of helpless laughter… but just as Marissa is about to lose it, Kelli start WORSHIPING HER BOUND SOLES!! Marissa’s reaction is almost immediate – she’s gasping and moaning as she becomes wet and excited. Foot worship is a HUGE turn-on for her, and Kelli knows it!! After giving her a long taste of foot worship, Kelli turns on the heat again and tickles Marissa’s helpless soles, forcing Marissa to BEG FOR HER FEET TO BE WORSHIPPED! When Kelli feels she’s begged enough, Kelli worships her sexy feet again, driving Marissa to new heights of pleasure… but it doesn’t last forever! Unfortunately for poor Marissa, Kelli LOVES hearing a woman beg to have her toes sucked, so she alternates between ticking and worshipping her feet! Marissa is going absolutely NUTS WITH FRUSTRATION. She’s obviously VERY wet, but Kelli refuses to give her ANY satisfaction!
After Marssa has gone through several cycles of tease and denial, her feet are EXTREMELY sensitive… so Kelli goes after feet with the HAIRBRUSH, DRIVING MARISSA WILD!! When she tires of her little foot slut, Kelli leaves this hot Cuban tied up, exhausted and EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED!!


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