Friday, December 23, 2011

Latina Toni's Sexy Soles Teased & Worshipped!

Everyone knows Toni LOVES having her feet worshipped. There are few things more pleasurable for this hot Latina than having her soft feet licked, sucked and adored. She truly considers herself a goddess… but today Storm is worshipping her sensitive soles, and she intends to give her a reality check!
Storm gets right down to business, caressing and complimenting Toni’s well-kept feet, and then gobbling up her sweet feet with skilled mouth! Toni loves the sensations shooting through her feet and she lets Storm know how good she’s doing by moaning, gasping, and basically getting really WET AND EXCITED! Toni soon becomes bold, telling Storm to worship and tickle her feet at the same time. No one’s done that to her before and she wanted to know how it would feel… turns out it TICKLES LIKE HELL!! Big mistake, because she just wet Storm’s sadistic appetite! Storm continues to tease and worship Toni’s feet, getting the girl more and more excited, only to spoil her fun by tickling her wrinkled soles!! Soon, Toni tells Storm she can’t tickle her anymore – an even BIGGER MISTAKE!! Storm counters by asking her to flip onto her stomach so she has better angle on her feet. Toni agrees, but as soon as Storm straddles her legs, she starts TICKLING THE HELL OUT OF TONI’S TRAPPED FEET! The poor Latina is squealing and begging in no time flat, but Storm has no intention of stopping anytime soon! This goddess needs an attitude adjustment!!

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