Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gorgeous Gina's First Time

Gina is a hot Italian dancer with sensitive size 9 feet. She’s already gotten the hell tickled out of her on our sister site, Tickle Intensive, but she’s never had her feet worshipped before. She’s looking forward to it because anything’s better than being tickled!
Kelli gets to worship Gina’s sexy feet and you can tell she’s excited. She hasn’t had a new pair of soles in her face for quite awhile and these are some hot feet! If you’re into girls who are very expressive, Gina’s your girl. Lots of giggling/squealing in this one. It’s obvious that Kelli’s mouth on her delicate toes is a turn-on for Gina, but it also tickles like CRAZY! The poor girl can’t stop giggling throughout the clip and her gorgeous feet curl and flex in time with Kelli tongue. Whenever Kelli hits upon a particularly sensitive area of her foot, GINA ARCHES HER BACK AS IF SOMEONE RAN AN ELECTRIC CURRENT THROUGH HER! Giggling and moaning, she tries to deal with the ticklish/pleasurable sensations shooting through her feet. Kelli explores every wrinkle on her soft soles as well as the sensitive skin under and between her toes. Of course, she also can’t help occasioanlly teasing this dancer’s sensitive feet with her nails. She grabs ahold Gina’s ankle and gently spiders her nails in the center of sole, driving the poor girl nuts with laughter!
After having her fill of Gina’s feet, Kelli tricks the new girl into flipping onto her stomach. She then to straddle her ankles, trapping Gina’s upturned soles between her legs. Kelli gives those wrinkled soles one final lick, then VICIOUSLY tickle them with her nails, snickering as Gina goes NUTS! Kelli loves it when a pair of feet are squirming between her legs, so she keeps tickling them, taunting her victim as she begs for mercy.

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