Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm in Heaven

Bitchy Marissa and Storm have some of the hottest feet of any woman I have seen, hands down, and Kelli gets to worship them… AT THE SAME TIME!!
The girls are looking hot in their underwear on the bed, their sexy soles ready and waiting for a willing tongue. Their feet look absolutely IRRESISTABLE and Kelli is ALL OVER them within seconds. She buries her face into the four hot soles before her, licking, smelling, and sucking as Marissa and Storm moan and gasp with pleasure. After she positions the girls’ feet so she can worship them all at once, KELLI DECLARES SHE’S IN FOOT FETISH HEAVEN, AND WHO COULD BLAME HER!? Hot is not an adequate enough word to describe how sexy Marissa’s and the Storm’s feet look as they wriggle and twitch in time with Kelli’s tongue. Kelli occasionally tickles the girls by nibbling a bit too hard, and she even teases the sensitive skin with her nails, causing the girls to burst into sexy bouts of laughter. Eventually, after getting Marissa and Storm wet and excited, Kelli decides a little tickle t0rture is in order. Suddenly, the girls find their ankles pinned to the bed with Kelli’s nails wreaking havoc on their upturned soles! They scream and beg, but Kelli wants to hear them laugh, and she tickles them into hysterics!

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