Sunday, November 20, 2011

Innocent Megan is Too Ticklish for Foot Worship!

Megan is brand new to world of foot worship and she’s got a pair of sexy, EXTREMELY SENSITIVE feet! She wanted to see how Kelli’s mouth would feel on her dainty size 7 feet, and with Megan in a HOT set of bra and panties, who could resist??
Kelli sensually worships Megan’s feet. She licks and sucks her toes and space in between. She delicately runs her tongue up and down the soles of her feet, teasing the sensitive skin and getting Megan to bite her lip and giggle with arousal! Kelli knows Megan’s sensitive soles are EXTREMELY ticklish and she can’t help but flick her nails over the ticklish skin, delighting in Megan’s squeals of laughter! Kelli alternates between worshipping her feet and teasing them, but Megan’s feet are so ticklish Kelli can barely hold onto them! Kelli eventually solves this problem by flipping Megan over and straddling her ankles to give them a proper tickling!

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