Thursday, November 10, 2011

Asian Misa's Wrinkled Soles Are Too Ticklish For Foot Worship!

Petite Asian girl Misa’s soles are a foot fetishist’s DREAM. Her toes are slender, her soles are wrinkled, and they are as soft as freshly spun SILK! They are also EXTREMELY sensitive. Misa’s never had a person even massage her feet, much less worship them, but she’s curious about how it would feel. Luck for her, Kelli loves a sexy pair of female feet, and there’s nothing she loves more than breaking in a foot worship VIRGIN!
It becomes evident almost right away that Misa’s feet are MUCH TOO SENSITIVE FOR FOOT WORSHIP!! She can’t help but giggle and laugh as Kelli sucks on her slender toes and gently nibbles her tender arches. Kelli, of course, is delighted by this turn of events! She LOVES a pair of ticklish feet! She can’t help but flick her manicured nails up and down Misa’s wrinkled soles, delighting in making Misa’s toes wiggle frantically and her sexy soles scrunch and flex!! What was supposed to be a relaxing foot worship session quickly turns into a ticklish situation for poor Misa, but she seems to be having fun, too; when she’s not laughing she’s staring with rapt attention as Kelli fits as much of her foot as she can into her mouth!!

Towards the end of the session, Kelli flips Misa on her tummy and sits on her ankles, giving her sexy feet some ticklish attention from her sharp nails!!

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