Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cynthia's Sensitive Soles Teased & Worshipped!

Cynthia just got back from the gym and her soft feet are extra sensitive from her workout! She’s still in her gym outfit when she arrives. Kelli peels off her moist socks and immediately goes to work on Cynthia’s sexy, high-arched feet!
It’s obvious from the very beginning that foot worship is a HUGE turn on for Cynthia! She bites her lip and starts moaning as soon as Kelli’s skilled mouth sucking and nibbling on her toes and soles! Kelli loves licking the center of her high arch, which turns out to be a particularly sensitive area for Cynthia! Kelli also discovers licking between Cynthia’s toes drives her WILD, so she makes sure to get in between each one, with poor Cynthia moaning louder and louder! I thought she was going to cum in her gym shorts!

Of course, a pair of feet as sensitive as Cynthia’s are ticklish, and Kelli delights in teasing Cynthia, bringing her moans to crescendo only to rake her sharp nails up and down the soles of her feet! Cynthia tries to hold it in, but Kelli eventually gets to her to crack! When Cynthia is flipped over on tummy, her poor upturned soles don’t stand a chance against Kelli’s nails, and forced to laugh as Kelli tickles her trapped tootsies!

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