Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christina's Panty-Soaked Ticklish Tease!

Christina is a bi-sexual hottie from Queens. Kelli has worshiped and teased her feet in the stocks, but Christina got so turned on last time that she wanted to have a session with Kelli in a more intimate setting.
Christina is curled up on the bed in her bra and panties, her flawless feet in Kelli’s hands. There’s no holding back for Christina – watching another woman worship her sensitive feet is a HUGE turn on for her! Christina lets loose with a series of sexy moans, constantly runs her hands through her blond hair, takes in deep gulps of air, and holds onto the bed for support as Kelli rocks her world with her talented tongue! Kelli sucks each toe and licks every square INCH of Christina’s sexy soles! She nibbles on her arch and licks between her toes… and Christina LOVES EVERY SECOND OF IT! Of course, all this pleasure doesn’t come free, especially with a mischievous girl like Kelli! She knows Christina is ticklish and during the latter half of session, she tickles and teases Christina’s feet, spidering her manicured nails in her silky arches or nibbling just a bit too hard on her toes! Christina squeals and laughs, unable to stop herself from reacting, begging Kelli stop! But Kelli keeps her in limbo, giggling as she tickles and teases Christina into a HOT AND HORNY MESS! Eventually, Kelli flips Christina over on her tummy and straddles her ankles, giving those ticklish soles a couple minutes of ticklish punishment!!

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