Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tiny Storm Worships Jessica's Huge Size 10 Feet!

Jessica gave Storm’s sore tootsies a nice, long foot worship session. Now, it’s time for Storm to return the favor! Jessica big, wide size 10 feet are extra sore from all the clubbing and she can’t WAIT for Storm to massage and worship her feet!
Worshipping a pair of soles as big as Jessica’s is no easy task for the petite Storm – Jessica’s big toe alone seems to fill Storm’s mouth! But Storm is determined to give Jessica’s sensitive feet the worshipping they deserve and she does her best to fit as many of Jessica’s toes into her mouth as she can! She makes sure to lick and nibble EVERY INCH OF JESSICA’S SEXY SOLES! She even licks and sucks the spaces IN BETWEEN JESSICA’S TOES, causing the big-footed hottie to throw her head back and MOAN WITH ECSTASY!!! Jessica LOVES how much attention Storm is paying to sensitive soles – her feet are obviously one of her most sensitive erogenous zones and she shows it by cooing and moaning throughout the entire session!

Both girls have a true passion for foot worship. They love giving AND receiving… and two foot worship sessions in a row have gotten both of these hotties REALLY wet and excited! Something tells me both of these women will be back for more!!

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