Saturday, October 1, 2011

The English Teacher's Revenge

Kelli enjoyed having her way with her former English teacher’s feet so she could get a better grade, but she had NO IDEA that she created a monster!! Debbie enjoyed having her feet worshipped by Kelli so much that she’s been calling Kelli, harassing her to get together again, but Kelli’s been avoiding her calls! Well, you don’t mess with a former English teacher!!

Debbie snuck into Kelli’s bedroom and tied her down to the bed for some forced foot worship fun! She brazenly smothers Kelli’s face with her feet and pushes her toes into Kelli’s mouth, lustfully COMMANDING Kelli to worship her feet! If Kelli wants to breathe, she has no choice but to comply! She does her best to please Debbie, licking and sucking for all she’s worth, watching as Debbie throws her head back and moans in ecstasy! It’s obvious that dominating a younger woman in this fashion is a HUGE TURN-ON for this former English Teacher and it doesn’t take long for Debbie to shove as many toes as she as she possibly can into Kelli’s mouth, smiling and biting her lip as she watches Kelli gag on her feet!
Debbie continues to force Kelli to worship her feet until she’s completely satisfied, and that wont be anytime soon!

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