Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sexy Tara is WAY Too Ticklish For Foot Worship!

Tara is one sexy woman. She’s got a body to die for and a pair of feet that are even sexier!! Unfortunately for her, her feet are also EXTREMELY sensitive and ticklish!!
Kelli can’t wait to get her mouth around Tara’s sexy soles, but it turns out her feet are just TOO TICKLISH!! No matter what Kelli does, every touch of her tongue sends Tara into a bout of frantic giggles and laughter!! Being Kelli LOVES a pair of ticklish female feet, she’s delighted! Not so much for poor Tara, who does her best to keep her feet still and take the “punishment” Kelli’s tongue and teeth are meting out! Towards the end of the clip, Kelli convinces Tara to flip over on her stomach so Kelli can have better access to her feet. She then proceeds to sit on Tara’s legs and give those sexy, wrinkly feet a good tickling for a couple minutes!!
Full Length Clip: http://pleasuresofthesole.com

HD Preview: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CLLIGF1S

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