Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jessica Forced to Worship Kelli's Sore Feet!

Kelli has had a long day at the office, and her sensitive feet have been cooped up in high heels ALL DAY! Her feet are sore and she’s in need of a relaxing foot worship session. Good thing for her she has her OWN PERSONAL FOOT SLAVE TIED TO HER BED!!
Jessica loves Kelli’s sensitive soles, but not when they’ve been trapped in high heels all day! But she must serve Kelli’s feet. She’s got no choice as Kelli runs her moist soles over tongue and rubs them on her face, forcing her to smell her feet as she worships them! Kelli takes FULL ADVANTAGE of her Jessica’s position, moaning with pleasure as she SHOVES HER TOES INTO JESSICA’S MOUTH!! Kelli bites her lip as Jessica sucks on her toes HARD, making Kelli giggle and moan in pure ecstasy! Kelli doesn’t give poor Jessica a break. She just uses her slave’s mouth until she’s completely satisfied and her feet are no longer sore. Then she leaves Jessica where she found her, leaving her tied to the bed to await the next time Kelli needs her sexy soles serviced!

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