Friday, August 26, 2011

Worshipping the English Teacher's Ticklish Feet!

Kelli’s got her former English teacher, Debbie, in her bedroom. Kelli’s always had a thing for her English teacher, and now that Kelli is no longer her student, she can act on her feelings!
Everyone knows that Kelli has a MAJOR foot fetish, and getting her mouth around her teacher’s sexy toes is almost too much for her to handle! Debbie is only too happy to oblige, but it turns out to be almost too much for Debbie to handle as well, as her soft toes and soles are SO SENSITIVE that Kelli’s tongue not only feels good, but tickles like crazy!! Kelli uses this to her advantage and brings up a bad grade she received last year. She tries to convince Debbie to promise to change her grade through a combination of arousing foot worship and a little tickle t0rture.
Debbie is still a teacher at heart and does NOT break easily, but eventually, the dual sensations of foot worship and tickling has her turned on and frustrated… will she change Kelli’s grade?

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