Friday, August 5, 2011

Worship My Smelly Feet!

Foot fetish diva Kelli Lynn Sage knows what you want – to suck her beautiful, flawless feet. Kelli has you under feet and she’s going to sensually instruct you on how to worship her sweaty, smelly feet (fresh out of her sneakers!!). And you better listen carefully, because if you’re bad, those sexy, candy blue toes are going straight down your throat, and she’s going to gag you with her sweaty feet as long as she likes! Kelli even talks about her favorite past time – and that’s using a foot fetishist such as yourself as a DOORMAT for her sexy feet! She knows how much you love to be dominated by her beautiful feet, and she MERCILESSLY teases you the entire clip until you can barely take it… and then some!
Find the full length clip at: