Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jessica's Virgin Size 10 Soles Worshipped!

Jessica is a tall dark-haired beauty with extremely sensitive size 10.5 soles. She’s a friend of a model’s and was curious about her friend’s foot worship experience. Jessica works as a bartender and has NEVER done anything even remotely like this. In fact, this is her first time on camera!
As soon as Jessica’s flip flops are removed, it’s obvious that Kelli’s attracted to her feet – and who could blame her!? Jessica’s toes are long, her toenails painted candy red. Her soles are HUGE, soft, and wrinkled – flawless! Kelli immediately goes to work on those virgin soles, licking and sucking those high arches and soft toes. Jessica watches in lustful fascination, biting her lip and cocking her head as Kelli goes down on her feet. It doesn’t take long for Kelli to find her sweet spots and Jessica is moaning and cooing in no time, offering up her feet to Kelli’s skilled tongue.
Jessica had told Kelli that her feet weren’t ticklish prior to the session, but Kelli soon discovers this isn’t true, and gives this big-footed beauty a few tickles just to remind her who’s in charge! Jessica doesn’t like to be tickled, and it seems that she may want to punish Kelli a bit for her indiscretions… stay tuned!

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