Friday, August 19, 2011

Kelli is Forced to Worship Jessica's Size 10 Soles!

This is about as real as it gets. Jessica and Kelli had some serious chemistry on and off camera. I let this scene run long because Jessica took control of the scene. She has a dominant side I didn’t know about, and poor Kelli bore the brunt of it!
Kelli got a little too bold with Jessica during their foot worship session, tickling Jessica a bit too much, and now she’s going to pay the price. Jessica has her wrists secured to the bedframe, and she’s going to give Kelli what she wants – her feet, but on her terms!!
Jessica has just discovered that she likes her feet to be worshipped, and now she has Kelli mouth completely at her disposal. She starts off playful, teasing a bound Kelli with her feet, but pretty soon she gets very dominant. Jessica pulls Kelli’s dress down WITH HER TOES, exposing Kelli’s ample breasts and hard nipples. She plays with her breasts with her feet, pinching her nipples between her toes and squeezing them between her feet. She grinds her soles into Kelli’s face. She starts forces her size 10.5 feet down Kelli’s throat, heedless of Kelli’s muffled protests.
The rougher Jessica is with Kelli, the hornier she gets!! As Kelli does her best to please her, Jessica’s gasps and moans of pleasure get louder and louder. She throws her head back and arches her back, further jamming her toes into Kelli’s mouth, moaning in ecstasy as Kelli has no choice but to worship her feet. She didn’t admit it, but I suspect Jessica actually climaxed or came very close to it while dominating Kelli with her feet. You be the judge!

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