Monday, October 29, 2012

Courtney's Ticklish Virgin Soles

Courtney is a tall, sexy college student who’s never had her feet worshipped. For a Dance major, she takes excellent care of her size 8 feet. Silky soles, perfect toes, and every square inch of her feet are ridiculously sensitive. She usually doesn’t let anyone touch them, but the idea of foot worship intrigues her, and she lets Kelli pop her cherry.
Clad in a HOT bra and panty number with her sexy feet hanging off the edge of the bed, Kelli can’t resist taking in Courtney’s foot scent. She slowly licks up and down her soles, letting her tongue play over every wrinkle and crease on her foot. Courtney’s first reaction is shock – she can’t believe how much Kelli is into her feet! But once she gets over her initial surprise, the curious brunette finds herself giggling helplessly as Kelli’s tongue tickles her soles. Courtney is EXTREMELY TICKLISH, but she’s also getting very horny, ESPECIALLY when Kelli pops her toes into her mouth and starts sucking. Courtney arches her back, giggling, gasping, and moaning as a combination of pleasurable sensations hit her all at once.
Courtney’s feet twitch and wiggle with each sensation and that gives her some unwanted attention. Kelli can’t help teasing her soles with her nails, tickling them frequently during the clip and forcing the sensitive brunette to squeal with laughter. As a surprise bonus, when Kelli licks her feet again, Courtney seems even more sensitive than before!
After getting her all hot and bothered, Kelli teaches Courtney a very important lesson – pleasure comes with a price! She locks the ticklish girl’s feet in a headlock and rakes them with her nails, causing Courtney to laugh hysterically and beg for her to stop! Of course, Kelli ignores her pleas and tickle t0rtures her victim’s feet until she’s screaming for mercy.
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