Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spanish Princess Foot Worship

Lena is an 18 year old foreign exchange student from the Dominican Republic. She’s only been here a few months and doesn’t know much English, so she is easily seduced onto Kelli’s bed. It was also very easy to get the heels off her size 7 feet. Her soles are silky soft, extremely sensitive and flawlessly smooth.
When Kelli starts to kiss and lick her feet, you can tell she’s surprised and more than a little confused, but she soon settles down. The sensation of Kelli’s tongue sliding up and down her buttery soles must feel very good. LENA COOS SEXY PHRASES IN SPANISH AS EVERY INCH OF HER SOLES ARE WORSHIPPED BY KELLI’S TONGUE, GETTING THEM NICE AND WET… AND JUDGING BY THE GIGGLES AND MOANS COMING FROM THIS SPANISH PRINCESS, THAT’S NOT ALL THAT’S WET! Kelli sighs with her own satisfaction as she plays Lena like a harp, making her moan, giggle, and outright laugh when she nibbles a little too much on her sensitive arches.
During the course of the session, Kelli can’t help but tickle Lena’s smooth feet, making Lena giggle and beg in Spanish. UNABLE TO HELP HERSELF, KELLI TAKES ADVANTAGE OF THE NAÏVE 18 YEAR OLD, LOCKING HER ANKLES IN A HEADLOCK AND TREATING HER SENSITIVE FEET TO A MERCILESS TICKLING! Lensa squeals with laughter and babbles in Spanish, but Kelli ignores her protests and continues to tickle her until she’s had her fill.