Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hot Vietnamese Soles Worshipped

Topless with PERFECT size 6 soles, Kim is one hot Vietnamese girl. She’s never had her feet massaged, let alone worshipped, but popping foot worship cherries happens to be our specialty!
Kim is looking absolutely gorgeous on the bed, her flawless soles just BEGGING to be played with. Kelli takes her time, slowly planting kiss after kiss on her soft soles. Kim is surprised by how good it feels and bites her lip as her nipples get rock hard. Kelli giggles knowingly and continues to worship her soles, working her way to Kim’s sensitive toes. She pops them into her mouth and easily deep-throats her entire foot. Kim gasps with pleasure as she feels Kelli warm lips wrapped around her toes.
Making a woman moan under tongue gets Kelli wet as well, so pretty soon she’s practically eating out Kim’s feet. She spreads her toes for Kelli, and man, what a toe-spread she’s got on her! Kelli easily fits her tongue between her toes, making Kim squirm between a mixture of pleasure and ticklish sensations. Kim is a little ticklish, and Kelli does tickle her feet a little with her nails, but she mainly focuses on making this sexy Vietnamese girl moan with pleasure.