Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sensitive Stephie's Topless Foot Worship

Sensitive Stephie didn’t get her nickname for nothing. Her size 6 feet are some of the most sensitive Kelli’s ever had a chance to worship.
Stephie felt she would enjoy the clip more if she were TOPLESS, and Kelli wasn’t about to protest! It’s obvious that Stephie LOVES getting her feet worshipped – her feet are clad in a [air of “Kiss Me” socks. Kelli loves her choice in socks and worships them for a bit, watching as Stephie’s nipples get rock hard. But Kelli soon succumbs to temptation and peels off her cute socks, revealing Stephie’s bare feet. Kelli is delighted to find her soles are freshly pedicured, baby soft, and as sensitive as ever! SHE DIVES RIGHT IN, LICKING EVERY SQUARE INCH OF STEPHIE’S SEXY SOLES AS SHE REACTS WITH A MIXTURE OF LUSTY MOANS AND GIGGLES – SHE’S EXTREMELY TICKLISH, AND IT’S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO WORSHIP HER FEET WITHOUT TICKLING THEM!
Kelli can’t get enough of Stephie’s squirming – especially since her ample breasts sway and shake in time with her reactions. She alternates between sensually worshipping the sexy girl’s feet with her tongue, teasing them with her teeth, and tickling them with her sharp nails. Stephie begs her to just worship her feet, and Kelli grants her request… that is, until the end of the clip, when SHE LOCKS HER FEET IN A HEADLOCK AND TICKLES THEM WITH HER NAILS!! Stephie’s in hysterics immediately as she feels those sharp nails spidering in her tender arches. She flops around like a fish, but Kelli’s has firm hold on her ankles, and she’s not going to stop until she’s had her fill of this sexy blond’s desperate laughter!


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