Friday, August 31, 2012

Double the Soles, Double the Fun

Sexy Asian babes Tia and Kiko are best friends, and today they discovered they have something new in common – they both love getting their feet worshipped! And being best friends, the girls decide they want to experience to together. As luck would have it, Kelli’s favorite kind of feet are of the Asian persuasion, so she’s more than willing to worship two pairs of hot Asian soles at once!
The girls are looking GORGEOUS together on the bed in their bra and panties. Kiko’s feet are a size 6, but they look much bigger compared to Tia’s tiny size 3.5 feet. Kelli takes her time at first, slowly and sensually worshipping their feet. She turns both girls on very quickly, especially Tia, who looks on with a mixture of lust and jealousy whenever her feet are not being worshipped. One by one, Kelli deep-throats their feet, making both girls coo and sigh with pleasure. Kiko is obviously a little shy and surprised by how much she enjoys another’s woman mouth on her feet, but she can’t hold back and moans in time with Kelli’s tongue. Soon, the foot worship becomes more aggressive, and Kelli gets some ticklish reaction from the girls’ sensitive feet, especially Kiko. Kelli concentrates of her feet at one point, using her tongue to make her moan and her teeth to make her burst into laughter. She plays between the two sensations, driving Kiko crazy before giving Tia’s feet the same treatment. Kelli also tickles and teases their feet with her sharp nails, but she mostly concentrates on worshipping the girl’s irresistible soles – after all, it’s not every day you get two hot Asian girls on your bed!  


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