Thursday, August 2, 2012

Audrey's Sweaty Soles Worshipped

Audrey just got back from a 5 mile run and her feet are KILLING her. She’s relaxing on the bed in her sweaty, smelly ankle socks when Kelli and Storm join her. They know her sensitive size 8 feet are sore and want to make them feel all better. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Kelli and Storm LOVE a pair of sweaty, smelly peds!
The girls kiss and sniff Audrey’s ankle socks, taking in her scent before pulling them off and going straight for her sweaty soles. They dive right in, licking and smelling every square inch of her sexy feet. They lick and nibble on her sore arches, causing Audrey to gasp, moan, and squirm with pleasure. Sucking on her plump toes produces similar results, and it’s not long before Storm and Kelli are turned on as well. THEY’RE SO HOT FROM WORSHIPPING AUDREY’S SWEATY SOLES THAT THEY SHARE SEVERAL PASSIONATE KISSES ON CAMERA! They can taste Audrey’s feet on their lips, but that only encourages the two horny girls. When the girls turn their attentions back to those sexy wrinkled soles, they’re even more aggressive than before!
Audrey’s gasps and moans increase in tempo, occasionally spiking with giggles and laughter when the girls nibble a bit too hard – the sensitive girl is RIDICULOUSLY ticklish! Kelli and Storm tease her soles and toes with their sharp nails, forcing Audrey to squeal with laughter and beg for them to worship her feet. Being they LOVE how her feet taste, the girls obey Audrey, but there’s ALWAYS a price to pay for foot worship. Once Storm and Kelli trick her into flipping over, they easily pin her ankles to the bed. They treat her upturned soles to a healthy dose of tickle t0rture, and with two sets of nails raking up and down her soles AND the hairbrush making a surprise appearance, poor Audrey laughs herself hoarse!
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