Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Stepmother's Punishment

Debbie just got home from a long night at work and is relaxing on the couch barefoot. Her feet are sore and the last thing she wants to deal with is her stepdaughter Kelli. She’s up way past her bedtime AGAIN, but she doesn’t care, she wants to talk to her new boyfriend. It’s obvious this snotty brat needs an attitude adjustment, and her stepmother has the perfect punishment in mind – it’s guaranteed to shut her stepdaughter’s dirty mouth right up!
Right in the middle of their conversation, Debbie puts her size 8 bare foot on her stepdaughter’s face. Kelli is horrified – she wouldn’t possibly make her worship her feet again… would she? HER STEPMOTHER STICKS HER SMELLY TOES IN HER MOUTH, SMIRKING AT KELLI’S DISGUST! She knows she’ll be punished severely if she disobeys, so Kelli submits and worships her stepmother’s toes. Debbie melts into the couch as her stepdaughter goes from worshipping her toes to her soles, her stephdaughter’s warm tongue feeling divine on her sore arches. The mature stepmom gasps with pleasure, and Kelli complains that she wants to stop, but her stepmother only shoves her foot further down her throat. SHE EVEN SPREADS HER TOES AND MAKES KELLI LICK BETWEEN THEM, FORCING HER TO CLEAN EVERY INCH OF HER SWEATY FEET! Finally, Kelli has had enough. She knows her stepmom is really TICKLISH, so she treats her to a healthy dose of foot tickling! Now Debbie has a reason to punish her even further, and you know what she has in mind…


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