Sunday, September 30, 2012

Orgasmic Foot Worship

This is a first for Pleasures of the Sole. MILF Natalie enjoyed having her feet worshipped so much, not only did she come back for more, but she wanted to see if she could cum from a foot worship session! Kelli and Storm are only too happy to help her on her journey of sexual discovery, and with Natalie completely naked on the bed, who could blame them?
The moment the girls start worshipping her feet, Natalie starts touching herself! The horny Milf bites her lip and moans with pleasure as she watches two beautiful women worship her feet. She rubs herself slowly and sensually, but the pace soon picks up as the girls use their warm tongues to lick her soles and stretch their mouths to deep throat her feet. Kelli and Storm giggle Natalie gasps and moans, her fingers becoming a blur as she brings herself closer and closer to climax. She gyrates her hips, moaning louder and louder, finally cumming long and hard as the girls continue to worship her feet through the orgasm. Of course, Kelli and Storm don’t let her get off without paying a price. Before she can stop them, Kelli puts her feet in a headlock and Storm uses her sharp nails to tickle Natalie’s sensitized feet, driving the sexy Milf CRAZY! She pleads for them to stop, but the girls have her feet trapped, and they have no intention of stopping anytime soon!