Monday, June 4, 2012

Size 12 Foot Worship

Metal Mish is a local radio DJ. She heard about our company and wanted to give foot worship a try… and when Kelli heard this sexy 6’ 0” amazon had SIZE 12 feet, she just HAD to have her come in for some serious foot loving. Size 10 and 11’s are hard to find, but a woman with sexy size 12’s is REALLY rare.
Ms. Mish is on the bed in her bra and panties, her HUGE wrinkly soles right in your face! Her toe nails are painted purple and black, and her soles are some of the softest Kelli’s ever had the pleasure of worshipping. She starts licking up and down her enormous soles, licking up and down the center of her deep arches. Ms. Mish is biting her lip and gasping in seconds. She’s obviously getting hot and excited. Soon, she’s almost shoving her feet in Kelli’s face, eager for more of her long tongue. “You like my long toes,” Ms. Mish coos as Kelli sensually sucks on her slender digits. KELLI’S WET AS WELL, AND SHE SHOWS HER APPRECIATION OF MS. MISH’S HUGE FEET BY CRAMMING HER ENTIRE FOOT IN HER MOUTH! Ms. Mish is very turned on by this and moans with pleasure as Kelli works her tongue between every wrinkle on her sensitive soles.
Of course, feet as sensitive as Ms. Mish’s are TICKLISH as well, and Kelli can’t resist teasing them with her manicured nails. Kelli LOVES how her toes curl and spread when she tickles her feet, so she tricks this horny radio DJ into flipping onto her stomach to tickle her some more. Kelli traps her upturned soles between her thighs and attacks them with her nails, really punishing her ticklish feet with her nails.