Friday, June 8, 2012

Alice's Orgasmic Foot Worship

Alice is a petite 20-something hottie who LOVES to have her size 6 feet touched. She’s wearing sexy red fishnet top with no bra – HER BREASTS AND NIPPLES ARE CLEARLY VISIBLE! Foot massages turn her on, so how will she react with Kelli’s soft lips wrapped around her tiny toes? Let’s find out!
Kelli starts worshipping Alice’s sexy soles without hesitation. Kelli is gasping and moan INSTANTLY. You can tell these two girls have some great chemistry. They know each other outside of Pleasures of the Sole and that makes them very comfortable with each other. Alice isn’t embarrassed to show how good is feels to have her feet worshipped and lets it all out. Her reactions get hotter and hotter as Kelli continues to lick her silky soft arches and suck on her tiny toes.

When Kelli takes Alice’s foot into her mouth, ALICE ARCHES HER BACK AND HER EYES ROLL UP IN THE BACK OF HER HEAD AS SHE MOANS WITH INTENSE PLEASURE! This happens several times throughout the scene and it turns Kelli on as well. She moans in time with Alice as she devours her feet. Kelli continues to worship her feet until this lusty hottie is so wet she’s ready to pounce on her! Of course, Alice’s feet are TICKLISH as well as sensitive, and Kelli loves to tease them with her sharp nails, tickling them a couple times throughout the clip. At the end of the clip, Kelli tricks Alice into flipping onto her stomach so has a better angle to worship her sexy soles, but she straddles her tiny ankles and TICKLES her instead!

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