Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Lexa's Double Foot Worship!

Lexa’s been through a LOT of tickle t0rture lately. Marissa and Storm want to give Lexa a reward for all the torment she’s put up with, so they propose to pop her foot worship cherry with a double worship session!! Lexa’s always wanted to “give this foot fetish stuff a try” so she readily agrees!
Storm and Marissa take Lexa’s sensitive, slender feet in their hands and start passionately suck and licking them. It doesn’t take long for Lexa to start gasping and biting her lip as she watches two beautiful women worship her sexy soles and toes. Marissa and Storm are especially turned on by the session! At one point, THEY CAN NO LONGER CONTAIN THEIR LUST AND SHARE AN ON-CAMERA KISS, LEXA’S SEXY FEET BETWEEN THEM! Watching the sexual tension between these three women build and build is HOT!!
Of course, nothing comes for free, and the girls know just how ticklish Lexa’s size 8.5 feet are! They have a bit of with her, teasing her sensitive soles with their nails several times during the session. Poor Lexa begs for them to stop, but the girls have other plans! Once she’s been tricked into flipping over on her stomach, her ankles are pinned to the mattress, and her sexy soles are given a GOOD TICKLING!

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