Friday, January 27, 2012

Gracie's Virgin Size 10's Worshipped!

Gracie’s a tall girl with beautiful, highly arched size 10 feet! Her feet have always been sensitive, and Marissa has talked her into trying foot worship for the very first time! Gracie’s barely had someone massage her feet, let alone worship them, so this is a brand new experience for her!
It’s immediately apparent that Gracie LOVES having her feet worshipped. From the second Marissa puts her lips on her toes, Gracie’s BARELY ABLE TO CONTROL HER EXCITEMENT! She moans, gasps, and can’t help but tell Marissa how much she loves it when she sucks on her toes or bites her arches! Gracie is VERY vocal, and she says exactly what’s on her mind, begging Marissa to keep worshipping her feet! Marissa loves this foot worship virgin’s reactions and can’t help but get turned on herself! By the end of this long session, both girls are wet and excited… AND NEITHER OF THEM WANT IT TO END!!

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