Friday, September 16, 2011

Marissa's Panty-Soaked Foot Worship!!

Marissa is a 19 year old Cuban hottie who is brand new to the fetish world. She’s never had her sensitive, GORGEOUS size 7 feet worshipped and has no idea what to expect from this experience.

From the moment Kelli’s mouth touches her feet, it’s apparent that Marissa is EXTREMELY TURNED ON!! You can see the surprise and momentary embarrassment in her face as the sensations flood through her for the first time EVER! She’s moaning LOUDLY, biting her lip, and gripping the pillows and blankets so hard she nearly rips them!! Kelli, meanwhile, loves worshipping this Cuban hottie’s sexy soles.
Marissa’s feet are sensitive as well as ticklish, and there’s a very fine line between to two sensations for the girl. Of course, Kelli delights in crossing that line frequently, bringing Marissa’s moans to a crescendo and then locking her foot under her arm and tickling her sole with her manicured nails! She loves hearing Marissa beg and plead for her to stop and suck on her feet. NOTHING is hotter than hearing this Cuban beauty BEG FOR HER TOES TO BE SUCKED!
Marissa’s reactions are not to be missed!

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