Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kelli Forced to Worship Topless Pixie's Size 9s!

Jersey Girl Pixie is looking as sexy as ever, topless and ready for her feet to be worshipped. Pixie takes control quickly, with a topless Kelli laying on the bed and Pixie gently caressing her bare soles over Kelli’s mouth, loving how her tongue feels on her sensitive soles. She gradually gets bolder, playing with Kelli’s nipples with her toes and rubbing/smothering Kelli’s face with her feet.

Kelli’s getting turned on by the whole thing and she’s moaning with arousal, but Pixie muffles her moaning by forcing her to such on her toes. Pretty soon, Pixie is JAMMING her toes down Kelli’s throat, taking them out just long enough to let Kelli catch her breath, then SHOVING them back in again! Pixie isn’t satisfied until Kelli is GAGGING on her long toes!

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