Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Do You Want to Suck on Them?

Violet is relaxing with Storm after a long night of dancing at the club. Her size 9.5 feet are slender, sensitive, and VERY sexy. Violet’s feet are sore and she knows just how to get Storm to worship them. She hangs her bare feet off the bed, placing her flawless soles practically in her friend’s face, spreading her toes seductively. Storm can’t help but compliment Violet on her beautiful feet, who immediately asked, “Do you want to suck on them?” Storm doesn’t need to be asked twice.
The sexy redhead takes Violet’s feet into her mouth, gently sucking on them and using her tongue to play with her toes. She sighs with satisfaction at feeling of Storm’s warm, supple tongue gliding over her silky soft soles. PRETTY SOON VIOLET IS MOANING IN TIME WITH STORM’S TONGUE – ANOTHER WOMAN WORSHIPPING HER FEET IS A HUGE TURN ON FOR HER! It just so happens that Violet’s sensitive feet are also EXTREMELY TICKLISH and Storm soon discovers this fact. She takes great pleasure in teasing Violet, using a combination of her tongue and teeth to drive this sexy babe CRAZY. First she makes her moan with her tongue, then she attack her ticklish feet with teeth and nails, smirking as Violet laughs hysterically and begs to have her toes sucked.
Storm loves a pair of ticklish feet and she can’t resist putting her feet in a headlock for some impromptu tickle t0rture! ALL THAT FOOT WORSHIP HAS EVERY NERVE IN VIOLET’S FEET STANDING AT ATTENTION, AND WHEN STORM RAKES HER NAILS ALL OVER HER SOFT SOLES, THE SENSITIVE GIRL EXPLODES WITH LAUGHTER! She begs Storm to let her go, her tormentor isn’t having it - Violet wanted someone to pay attention her feet and now she’s got it. She can only scream with laughter as Storm has her way with her ticklish soles!


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