Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stacie Topless, Teased, & Worshipped

Stacie is a sexy hottie with EXTREMELY sensitive size 9 feet. She’s never had her feet worshipped before, but she can’t wait to see how it feels. She’s got a bit of a wild streak in her and wants to go topless for the session. With her pert breasts completely exposed and her silky soft soles in your face, Stacie is looking hot.
Kelli loves nothing more than a fresh pair of feet to play with and she gets right down to business, licking and sucking on Stacie’s sexy peds. She giggles and bites her lip as Kelli licks her tender arches. Soon, the sensations intensify, and Stacie is gasping and giggling like crazy! Kelli smirks and gently nibbles on her foot, making the sensitive girl squeal with laughter! But Stacie also moans and gasps between bouts of laughter, especially when Kelli sucks on her slender toes. IT’S OBVIOUS FOOT WORSHIP IS MAKING HER WET, BUT KELLI’S SILKY SOFT TONGUE ALSO TICKLES LIKE CRAZY, AND THE POOR GIRL IS TRAPPED BETWEEN THE TWO SENSATIONS! The more her feet are worshipped, the more sensitive they seem to become. Eventually, Kelli can’t help teasing Stacie’s soft soles with her nails, making her squeal with laughter! Finally, Kelli tricks this foot worship virgin into flipping over onto her stomach so she can straddle her ankles and tickle her trapped feet. POOR STACIE IS FREAKING OUT, BUT KELLI CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF HER SEXY LAUGHTER, AND CONTINUES TICKLING HER UPTURNED SOLES TO HER HEART’S CONTENT!

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