Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best Friends

Gina and Melanie have been best friends since high school. They’ve both had their foot worship cherries popped and now they’re going to experience a session together. Marissa volunteered to worship this sexy pair’s feet, but she knows just how ticklish Gina and Melanie are, and she has more than foot worship in mind.
The first minute or so isn’t too bad for Gina or Melanie. Marissa passionately licks and sucks their GORGEOUS soles, making sure to work her tongue between their toes. They exchange several knowing glances as Marissa’s tongue gets them hot and excited. But all it takes is just one nibble too much on Melanie’s sensitive size 8 feet and she giggling frantically, begging Marissa to stop. But Marissa continues to drive Melanie nuts with her tongue, tickling Gina’s size 9 soles at the same time with her manicured nails. SOON, GINA AND MELANIE LOSE ALL COMPOSURE – THEY’RE JERKING ALL OVER THE BED, HYSTERICAL AND GASPING FOR AIR! Marissa gets hot using her tongue and nails to tickle the hell out of the two beauties. Melanie gets so worked up she squeals that she’s going to CRY from laughing so hard! She doesn’t get pushed that far, but these two definitely get it worse than any other ticklish model before them. They’re tickled and worshipped until they’re out breath – then Marissa gets them to flip over, and she straddles the two pairs of ticklish soles, intent on punishing them with her nails. The girls are exhausted, but Marissa is relentless and manages to wring some intense reactions from their trapped soles!

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