Friday, June 24, 2011

Tough Girl Alli's Orgasmic Foot Worship!

Everyone knows how sensitive Alli’s sexy feet are to tickle t0rture… but how does she respond to a skilled tongue on her gorgeous soles and toes? Kelli intends to find out, as she finds Alli and her hot feet irresistible!
This is, by far, the hottest foot worship clip I have filmed to date. It’s immediately obvious that Alli’s soles and toes are a HUGE erogenous zone for her. Alli is gasping and moaning the minute Kelli applies her experienced tongue to Alli’s feet. She writhes and arches her back with pleasure the entire session, coming as close to cumming as a girl can possibly get! The sensations shooting through her feet are so strong, she digs her fingers into the couch and damn near rips the through the leather! But Kelli doesn’t let Alli off with just pure pleasure. Occasionally, she purposely nibbles a bit too hard on Alli’s arches or toes, sending this hot latina into a convulsion of pleasure and ticklish laughter!
Kelli worships and teases Alli’s feet until she’s exhausted from the pleasure!
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