Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bratty Roxxy Dominates You with Her Feet!

Bratty Roxxy is a tall, snobby, blond shore girl. She’s CONSTANTLY dealing with guys checking out her feet at the beach and she HATES it. She knows you have a foot fetish and can’t WAIT to tease and humiliate you with her feet. Her feet are in your face, and she lets you think she’s going to allow you to worship her feet only to crush your hopes again and again. She berates you and tells you what a pervert you are. She wonders aloud how someone so WORTHLESS could even DREAM of having a shot at her sexy, perfect feet! She jabs her sexy peds at your face as she threatens to jam her feet down your throat and trample your face with them. She wiggles them back and forth as she reminds you how you can NEVER have her sexy soles and toes.
Roxxy is truly merciless and dominating. She loves to humiliate guys with her feet, and you’re the perfect candidate!
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